Do you know your #footwear style?

Dear reader, do you feel lost when someone asks you what type of footwear is it that you are looking for? If it’s a pump or a d’orsary you want? If yes, we will try make this embarrassing situation into an opportunity for you. You can now show knowledge of footwear while shopping after you have gone through our basic guide on understanding the different types of footwear you can go for/ available in stores for you.

Let’s start:

  • Pumps: Shoes/sandals that usually stands for  any elegant woman shoe with a heel
  • Cone: Has thick heel shaped as an ice cream cone and hence the name
  • Peep Toe: The tip is cut away to leave the large toe partially exposed. So the toe is peeping out. We also have a second variety with all the fingers visible that’s called Open Toe.
  • Stilletos: One of the most loved by ladies. Its a tall slim heel with minimum height of 2 inches
  • Wedges: Are currently in fashion and is defined by the type of footwear that occupies the entire space under the arch and the heel portions of the foot
  • Kitten: Short slender heel between 3-5 cms height with a slender curve
  • Scarpin: A light shoe with a very thin heel
  • Ankle Strap: As the name suggests, it comprises a strap that encircles your ankle. Often gives better support for walking in heels
  • Chunky:  It refers to a thick heel with a rectangle shape
  • Mary Jane: Closed shoe, with low heels and a strap running across the instep. It was traditionally made of black patent leather but now is new fashion includes various other raw materials
  • Platfoms: Pump with thick soles at least 4 inches in height are called platform
  • SlingBack: It is a backless footwear and has a strap that crosses behind the heel or ankle
  • Spool: Footwear with a heel wider at top and bottom but narrower in between
  • D’orsary: The type of footwear in which the vamp of a shoe is cut on sides revealing the arch of the foot and partially the toes in a d’orsary
  • Ballet flats: A light, round-toed shoe with very flat heels for women or girls, resembling the type worn by ballet dancers
  • Sneakers:  A type of footwear with a flexible sole made of rubber or synthetic material and the upper part made of leather or canvas and used generally for sports or outdoors
  • Boots: A sturdy item of footwear covering the foot and ankle, and sometimes also the lower leg
  • Thongs: Yes. We have it in footwear too J . A sandal held on the foot by a thong fitting between the toes and connected to a strap across the top or around the sides of the foot
  • Spectator is known is a women’s shoe that comes in a two-tone color. Most often seen in black and white or brown and white combinations.
  • Louis heel (French heels, Pompadour heels, curved heels): Heels with a concave curve and outward taper at the bottom or base of the here

So, we feel we’ve almost covered the important ones here. If you think we are missing on something and you know about it. Please let us know by commenting on the post. See you soon with some other interesting news.

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What’s the problem with pink and princess? The marketing, not the moms.

Dr. Rebecca Hains

This week, New York and Slate published pieces asking why so many moms have a problem with pink and with princesses.

“What’s the problem with pink, anyway?” griped Yael Kohen in New York. Then, building upon Kohen’s piece, Slate senior editor Allison Benedikt demanded: “What is it with you moms of girls? I have never met a single one of you who isn’t tortured about pink and princesses.” Her annoyance is palpable.

Both writers proceed to defend all things pink and princess. “We treat pink — and the girls who like it — with […] condescension,” Kohen states, while Benedikt adds, “Moms of daughters need to chill out.”

Let’s take a step back, please. I am the author of a forthcoming book called The Princess Problem: Guiding Our Girls Through the Princess-Obsessed Years, and Kohen and Benedikt’s arguments are wrong on several levels. By pontificating on the subject without actually talking to the moms they’re criticizing, they’ve missed the point. Having interviewed…

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Extra terrestrial life

When we talk about UFO spotting once in a while across the world, our curiosity for life on other planet except our very own earth heightens. It invariably gives us a topic of intellectual discussion (we like believe thus) revolving around whether the alien life exists or not.

Few believe there are high chances of an earth like planet existing in the vast universe as we haven’t been able to understand the extent of its vastness. If we believe in mythology, it also suggests different forms of life on sun, moon, earth etc. Others more bent on the idea of ‘seeing is believing’ and scientific arguments deny it. Well, by now,we obviously know there is no life on moon and sun at least!

My memory of aliens comes from the crooked features drawing our drawing teacher used to make us do almost 3-5 times in a year where we had only one art class per week. He was a firm believer of their existence and believed they came to check the way people survive in this planet so that later, when they would want to overpower us, they would know exactly what to do.

I personally believe in the idea that even if they are existing (like we say ghosts exist too), why bother to disrupt their world by poking our nose where it isn’t required. If aliens do exist and if they are trying to make some communication with us, I am sure they will find a way to do so if there is a grave need to do so .We should rather channelize the resources we have been wasting on finding them and spreading rumors about their existence to some better use. We have enough issues looking us in the eye asking for immediate attention.

Man has put his foot beyond earth and non -one came to challenge him in space or to ask for help. Though alien abduction claims were rampant in 1960-70 in US and most believed about life in moon, all these claims were put to end with the discovery of the fact that no other planet in our solar system has the capacity to harbour developed life .The possibility of primitive life like organisms and bacteria is not ruled out though but then , that seems to be a very good news for we earth dwellers as we can see a distant possibility of dwelling in some other planet lest our earth decides to give up on supporting the exploding population and increasing abuse to the environment. If today, we focus on a better living planet with better education and social development, maybe when there is time and we encounter an alien we can look them in eye and say,” please be our guest for a while. Enjoy, learn and grow with us. We could work wonders together.”


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A walk to remember

No it’s not a movie review people. It is a collection of those pieces from my life that I have left behind as an experience but that will continue to affect my future. A walk on the canvas of memory imprinted as beautiful colours to rejoice and paint my future with.

Learning Swimming:

It was an obsession. Few at my home had noticed that I used to close the drain pipe in bathroom with the clothes that I had opened and make a small “pool-kinds” to nurture the dream of cutting through these waters like a fish one fine day. But as they rightly say, Mothers are very close to being God and reading your unsaid desires. My mum enrolled me to a swimming lesson one fine morning .It was a gift of lifetime for a 15 year old who was dying to test those waters.

It all started with a lot of enthusiasm when you just start learning how to put your feet in water and how to raise a leg. But the actual test began only when the coaches tried getting rid of my fear of drowning.

Initially I would get up at 5 to reach the pool by 6 and waddle through in water for an hour and back to home. But from the day, the coaches started pushing me to jump in water and when I drank those chlorine bleached water in tons, by the time I finished an hour, I would be dying of hunger, sleep deprivation and headache at the same time. With my body getting too flaky and eyes stinging like someone had put in chilli flakes in there, I had every intention of not turning up the next day and letting this infatuation with water die its own death.

I would try all kinds of innovative excuses in the morning but my dear mother would see through the deception and pick me and my two younger brothers by arms and make sure we dip into the pool. Rest was the coach’s problem.

A week passed and with constant jumping and sometimes the coaches leaving me to die, I had managed to come up by myself couple of times and understood the reason behind the torture. And then, it ended. The whole feeling of dragging myself everyday vanished. I started loving it. And I started respecting my mom more. If she hadn’t persisted, I would have never learnt.

Yes,  agree, I have been more of the lazy kinds who wants a short cut for everything until I am sure there is no other way but to get up and run at the last moment, lest I will fall behind others. This was one time I wasn’t sure I can make it in this race even if I run all the time. And I learnt a lesson. There are times, we don’t know our limits and until we test them, we will never know.

Hope this post will give some inspiration to those who seek it. Let us all “swim -through” the difficulties.





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Just one more time

Ah yes, it is that wicket feeling that doesn’t let you stop your sugar intake on time. One last mouthful of chocolate cake or hot spicy fries will not harm us is the logic we give for it. That feeling of just this one time. So, why do we stop before that last try when looking out for a solution to our problems….be it a job hunt, a make up after a fight or a failure in exams.
I read a hindi poem ( by Mr. Dinkar) in childhood that describes the life situation very beautifully and he aptly indicated that it’s often the darkest before the dawn. It says: Often the last leg of the race is when most of us give up trying and we should wait just a little bit more.
When thing don’t go our way, it is very natural to think that we have lost the fight and there is no use trying any more but as Steve jobs, said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” If you don’t know who Steve is, please ask God Google.
Why am I writing this? Well, because I was wondering how we change our behavior (often for what we want).For most of us who wonder giving up once in a while are tired .Tired of the monotony of things that are happening in our life and have become too comfortable to step out of our comfort zones. And for times like these, I wish we would just say ourselves, let’s try it out- just one more time with fresh inputs and believe in it. I am sure we won’t fail.
Let’s stretch our limits, one more time for its easy to die in self- pity but difficult to live happily unless we filter external factors affecting us, turn them to our benefits and live an envious life .For the choice to be miserable or strong lies with us only. Happy Living!

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Counting Blessings:

Rarely , one gets up on a day feeling at the top of the world. Today turned out to be one of those days for me. Reasons? Absolutely no idea!

Maybe, coz I realized I am one of those fortunate people to have a home, not a house. Who has access to good food; and not someone who just hardly manages two square meals a day. Who has someone to stand by her through thick and thin, come what may and some cash in my account earned by me (even though it’s peanuts) where I don’t have to depend on anyone to get something I really want to buy.

These and more; enough to live content for years to come. I genuinely thank myself to have done some good deed in my last birth to have access to these (Ahem…. few people around me staunchly believe in the Karma theory). I thank God for guiding me into routes I never intended to go on; believing I might be able to connect the dots few years down the line of how it had worked in my favor.

Oh, but (Wo)man is a mysterious character and doesn’t stop at being content with what one has. This motivating force, I believe goes a long way in trying new things and accepting change. Else, there would have been no discoveries, no evolution and hence no betterment. Only, we should probably know where to draw the line between our quest to fulfill our desire and sit back and enjoy what we have been blessed with or say accumulated over time.

I hope I could create a perfect balance between my expectations from me and others expectations of me at different levels and tread into future with the same enthusiasm I got up today with.


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Its high TIME!

Time, they say is a great healer and it is a healer indeed. For it helps one overcome/adapt to their deepest loss. Time changes your feelings depending on your surroundings. It changes your perspectives in life. And there are few lessons you only learn when it’s “time”.

You grow up, understand, experiment, fail, fall, rise and try to steer your life constantly with the changing directions of wind to survive. For Survival of “fittest“; is the law of nature. It has been a long journey and when I turn back and see today, I have made enough mistakes to make my life look like a game with more “misses” than “hits”. But the joy of playing your own game is tremendous and the feeling of having given a “try” before failing heavenly. For, it takes time to understand oneself. To choose with wisdom.

I was fortunate to have a support system strong enough to have survived in a system you always end up managing different kind of expectations. My parents gave me the much needed “time” they shelled out of their busy schedules. But when I see most youngsters from our coming generations being too impatient to give time to anything, be it a relationship, education, passion or life: I wonder in awe and amusement how complicated has life become in the mad rush of survival. You don’t have time to enjoy rain, a random chat, a hearty smile or a empathetic tear.  And surprisingly enough, you don’t even have time for “life”…… Figures on suicide by adolescents in large numbers these days is a clear indicator of hasty decisions claiming enough lives shaming “time” on its ability.

I hope, as we Indians strive to put our country in the map as “Shining India”, running as fast as we can in the rat race; we also grow wiser enough with time to pay little attention to things that matter more in life than just achieving what others call “success”. To not try fitting square pegs in round holes. For we need to understand, that with changing times, we need to change as well. Change to preserve our existence. Change, to allow “Time” to work wonders. I know, none of us have till eternity and time is too precious a commodity. Why not use it wisely then!


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