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Enjoy the #Present

Life has its own ways of finding solutions. Has anything like this ever happened to you? Like you have spent days breaking your head over issues and nothing has popped up in your tiny brain to make things right. Days … Continue reading

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Top 3 things I hate to see on Facebook

Each one of us have had irritating moments while checking our FB walls. I hope  I am not the only one who feels so. Let Us check it out. Do let me know if you agree with these top 3 … Continue reading

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Food and Love

There’s an old hindi saying: “Khane ke liye mat jiyo, jeene ke liye khaao” which means “eat to live and not live to eat.” But for all the people out there, who claim to be food lovers, I am sure … Continue reading

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Great Expectations….

  We are born and our parents nurture us with expectations that one day, we’ll turn up to be a soul who’ll make them proud and happy. We start growing and nurture the dreams our parents saw and align ourselves … Continue reading

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I can do without: Lessons from a one-legged crow

Originally posted on all our lemmony things:
Mother nature can be a funny thing. I don’t think it means to be smart or inspiring, even though it often is. I mean, think about it. The sun doesn’t set out each…

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5 elements of nature

water, earth, sun, air, space

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The joy of face to face #meeting

In this world where we are moving to #socializing only on a virtual level, we are seemingly forgetting the joy of face to face meetings. The joy of looking at that person we are talking to and “not guessing” the … Continue reading

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