Enjoy the #Present

Life has its own ways of finding solutions.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Like you have spent days breaking your head over issues and nothing has popped up in your tiny brain to make things right. Days of helplessness and cribbing and one fine day you suddenly realise things have fallen into place by just keeping yourself sane enough to hold on the fight just a little bit longer and enjoying your present.

So, there we go!! The success mantra is engraved in the last sentence. If you treat each day as a surprise gift you might like or maybe not on some of the days; the excitement of unwrapping the parcel will always be there. And with each passing day, you still would have hope of a better one the next day.


For the present is called “present” for a reason. It is supposed to be God’s gift to you to make the most of your life and enjoy ‘His’ love.

Often, we don’t have control on the outcomes even though we have made best efforts to always succeed. Let’s see the failure as a means to an end and not an end; for great people in history are proof of the fact that setbacks don’t stall your future from being brighter. Be it Abraham Lincoln in the bygone era or someone like our own ‘Mayuri’ Sudha Chandran. But yes, it takes a lot of grit to keep yourself on the right track when things around you are going wrong.But whosoever said that ‘Life’ is going to be a bed of roses? It is supposed to be a bouquet with flowers and thorns.

Let’s work on strengthening our foundations today before aspiring for a strong building in the future.




About wandering mind

A dreamer at heart, and a communication professional by chance!
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