Food and Love

There’s an old hindi saying: “Khane ke liye mat jiyo, jeene ke liye khaao” which means “eat to live and not live to eat.” But for all the people out there, who claim to be food lovers, I am sure that the above sentence needs to be swapped. For they survive, because they love food and want to enjoy more gourmet delicacies with each coming day.  For foodies find solace in food and the love for food is something only a “food lover” will understand. And that “there is no lover sincerer than the love of food” as the great writer George Bernard Shaw had once said.

I personally classify these food lovers into two types. One, who eats only a certain set of food and swears by it. All that is needed for them is a perfect match of spices and timing while being cooked to end up with a specific type of taste, that; which one is used to eating always. Or else, the mismatch could result in disasters. And then there’s this second type, who believes in experimenting with new things. I love the second kinds, as this one has an appetite for a lot of risks and is open to culinary experiences that promise gastronomic rides. One of a kind, this type of food lover will generally be very experimental in their cooking too.

A food lover will forgive innumerable faults of yours if you know the right mix to play with. Reason being; the comfort and warmth food offers, can only second human love. And that is why precisely I think, most people gorge on food to fill the void created by loss of human love in their lives. Ask a chicken Lover (eater) how many times in a week can they have it and they’ll always answer, whenever (leaving exceptions). Ask them what is the best time to eat it and they’ll mostly say, “now”. So, there is no right time or place for this. Just when you like!!

When your 5 senses interact overwhelmingly to bring the best that is served while you treat your food with love and respect; that food truly feeds your soul too. Have you experienced a food orgasm after being seduced by the sight of your dish, exotic smell of your food, the crackling or sizzling cooing sound of your recipe, the gooey feeling when you touch it and at the top of it all,  the melting  taste of it in your mouth? If you understand the above expressions, I am sure you will understand what I am talking about here.

It is a sad reality that people today are so stuck up in their daily lives that I am sure only a handful does regularly pay that much sensory attention to their food. Most of us eat with our eyes glued on a screen and our hand mechanically reaching our mouth. Before we have the time to decode what went into making that awesome meal, our food is over and we are up and running for other errands in life. But as someone rightly said, “Eating is a natural way to feel happy” and all the work we do is on a quest for happiness. So, does it not make sense to eat properly to start with on our happiness mission? Let’s start today. What say?

22nd June


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