Great Expectations….


We are born and our parents nurture us with expectations that one day, we’ll turn up to be a soul who’ll make them proud and happy. We start growing and nurture the dreams our parents saw and align ourselves to achieve relevant goals or even if we have made up a new dream, we start working towards it in our own way. Like trying to be the best in academics, art, sports etc depending on what we feel is more important for our future to be bright.

We have expectations from ourselves where we see ourselves worthy of certain things, benchmark ourselves with the best in our friend circle/school/college or any other circle that is relevant and keep trying to improve. This forms the base of our learning and our appetite for competition. And then, we reach college.

Here, we start developing perspectives in life. Our “own” ones! By now, most of us have stopped blindly following our parents viewpoints and have started experimenting more with our life. As a result, we end up making new choices or accepting old ones whole heartedly as we have tested them over time. Now, is the time when the expectations we want to fulfil start shaping up our entire career and life path. We try, work, accept or reject a theory and then embrace it as an experience. But still, neither ours’ nor our parents’ expectations end up here but increase with passing time. We chalk our path in life depending on the priority we give to a person at that point of time and try to live up to their expectations.

It is therefore, very important that we don’t lose out on our own dreams living up to others expectations. For, we’d never end up being truly happy if we have compromised our dreams. And expectations don’t have an end. So, lest we end up facing a mid life crisis after we realise that we needed to go some other way and before we are tired enough to take up anything challenging.

It is therefore great to live up to everyone’s expectations but it’s better that if we align their expectations with our dreams to chase a common goal at the end of the day and not end up on two boats with one foot on each. For, you are sure to fall in such scenario.


About wandering mind

A dreamer at heart, and a communication professional by chance!
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