The joy of face to face #meeting

In this world where we are moving to #socializing only on a virtual level, we are seemingly forgetting the joy of face to face meetings. The joy of looking at that person we are talking to and “not guessing” the image in mind. You would say we can see a persons’ picture or video but you can’t read the natural expressions or body language unless you are present in the moment. A video call cannot replace a face to face meeting here.

If that could happen why would people still want to go home who have been staying away or abroad. Why would they yearn for a touch of loved ones or a sight of their sweetheart. Why do most long distance relationship end up on a sad note saying they have lost on feelings? Hope this much example suffices to prove this statement or do you really still believe that it’s just not the feel and touch factor of the real meeting but something else?
With our technology advancing to an extent where it promises people around to banish our loneliness with numerous social networking sites today, have we really bridged the gap with our well wishers or actually created a virtual wall of aloofness? How many of your social media contact are sure to come and take you to a hospital lest you fall sick incidentally in a city you are staying alone in an apartment. Doesn’t the probability of you reaching the hospital increases if you frequently mingle with your neighbours (assuming you stay with humans that is! ).
My point here is, why kill away such a brilliant social custom when you can enjoy as well as benefit apart from being connected on a human level via a face to face meeting. You can hear the waves in a persons’ voice, the glitter in your friends eyes, read between a mock or a praise looking at your colleagues expression, differentiate between a praise and a flattery in your work group and many more. The instances of you zoning out while the other is speaking is also negligible if not zero. Have you not heard of meetings where people hardly listen to a meeting on their systems at many places when they take a call on a technology enabled device? Isn’t the level of attention not more when you attend meetings personally?
Now we will say who’s got the time for it. Look at the figures of your own social network usage. Chances are you are using it more than two hours a day. Here, I am only talking about a quick cup of coffee that hardly takes few minutes. And if you have more time, go on…. Who is there to stop you if the conversation turns to be fruitful emotionally or otherwise?
Enough blabbering, I personally am a firm believer in face to face conversations over a virtual meeting. So, how about a cup of coffee some time?


About wandering mind

A dreamer at heart, and a communication professional by chance!
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