Extra terrestrial life

When we talk about UFO spotting once in a while across the world, our curiosity for life on other planet except our very own earth heightens. It invariably gives us a topic of intellectual discussion (we like believe thus) revolving around whether the alien life exists or not.

Few believe there are high chances of an earth like planet existing in the vast universe as we haven’t been able to understand the extent of its vastness. If we believe in mythology, it also suggests different forms of life on sun, moon, earth etc. Others more bent on the idea of ‘seeing is believing’ and scientific arguments deny it. Well, by now,we obviously know there is no life on moon and sun at least!

My memory of aliens comes from the crooked features drawing our drawing teacher used to make us do almost 3-5 times in a year where we had only one art class per week. He was a firm believer of their existence and believed they came to check the way people survive in this planet so that later, when they would want to overpower us, they would know exactly what to do.

I personally believe in the idea that even if they are existing (like we say ghosts exist too), why bother to disrupt their world by poking our nose where it isn’t required. If aliens do exist and if they are trying to make some communication with us, I am sure they will find a way to do so if there is a grave need to do so .We should rather channelize the resources we have been wasting on finding them and spreading rumors about their existence to some better use. We have enough issues looking us in the eye asking for immediate attention.

Man has put his foot beyond earth and non -one came to challenge him in space or to ask for help. Though alien abduction claims were rampant in 1960-70 in US and most believed about life in moon, all these claims were put to end with the discovery of the fact that no other planet in our solar system has the capacity to harbour developed life .The possibility of primitive life like organisms and bacteria is not ruled out though but then , that seems to be a very good news for we earth dwellers as we can see a distant possibility of dwelling in some other planet lest our earth decides to give up on supporting the exploding population and increasing abuse to the environment. If today, we focus on a better living planet with better education and social development, maybe when there is time and we encounter an alien we can look them in eye and say,” please be our guest for a while. Enjoy, learn and grow with us. We could work wonders together.”



About wandering mind

A dreamer at heart, and a communication professional by chance!
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