A walk to remember

No it’s not a movie review people. It is a collection of those pieces from my life that I have left behind as an experience but that will continue to affect my future. A walk on the canvas of memory imprinted as beautiful colours to rejoice and paint my future with.

Learning Swimming:

It was an obsession. Few at my home had noticed that I used to close the drain pipe in bathroom with the clothes that I had opened and make a small “pool-kinds” to nurture the dream of cutting through these waters like a fish one fine day. But as they rightly say, Mothers are very close to being God and reading your unsaid desires. My mum enrolled me to a swimming lesson one fine morning .It was a gift of lifetime for a 15 year old who was dying to test those waters.

It all started with a lot of enthusiasm when you just start learning how to put your feet in water and how to raise a leg. But the actual test began only when the coaches tried getting rid of my fear of drowning.

Initially I would get up at 5 to reach the pool by 6 and waddle through in water for an hour and back to home. But from the day, the coaches started pushing me to jump in water and when I drank those chlorine bleached water in tons, by the time I finished an hour, I would be dying of hunger, sleep deprivation and headache at the same time. With my body getting too flaky and eyes stinging like someone had put in chilli flakes in there, I had every intention of not turning up the next day and letting this infatuation with water die its own death.

I would try all kinds of innovative excuses in the morning but my dear mother would see through the deception and pick me and my two younger brothers by arms and make sure we dip into the pool. Rest was the coach’s problem.

A week passed and with constant jumping and sometimes the coaches leaving me to die, I had managed to come up by myself couple of times and understood the reason behind the torture. And then, it ended. The whole feeling of dragging myself everyday vanished. I started loving it. And I started respecting my mom more. If she hadn’t persisted, I would have never learnt.

Yes,  agree, I have been more of the lazy kinds who wants a short cut for everything until I am sure there is no other way but to get up and run at the last moment, lest I will fall behind others. This was one time I wasn’t sure I can make it in this race even if I run all the time. And I learnt a lesson. There are times, we don’t know our limits and until we test them, we will never know.

Hope this post will give some inspiration to those who seek it. Let us all “swim -through” the difficulties.






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