Its high TIME!

Time, they say is a great healer and it is a healer indeed. For it helps one overcome/adapt to their deepest loss. Time changes your feelings depending on your surroundings. It changes your perspectives in life. And there are few lessons you only learn when it’s “time”.

You grow up, understand, experiment, fail, fall, rise and try to steer your life constantly with the changing directions of wind to survive. For Survival of “fittest“; is the law of nature. It has been a long journey and when I turn back and see today, I have made enough mistakes to make my life look like a game with more “misses” than “hits”. But the joy of playing your own game is tremendous and the feeling of having given a “try” before failing heavenly. For, it takes time to understand oneself. To choose with wisdom.

I was fortunate to have a support system strong enough to have survived in a system you always end up managing different kind of expectations. My parents gave me the much needed “time” they shelled out of their busy schedules. But when I see most youngsters from our coming generations being too impatient to give time to anything, be it a relationship, education, passion or life: I wonder in awe and amusement how complicated has life become in the mad rush of survival. You don’t have time to enjoy rain, a random chat, a hearty smile or a empathetic tear.  And surprisingly enough, you don’t even have time for “life”…… Figures on suicide by adolescents in large numbers these days is a clear indicator of hasty decisions claiming enough lives shaming “time” on its ability.

I hope, as we Indians strive to put our country in the map as “Shining India”, running as fast as we can in the rat race; we also grow wiser enough with time to pay little attention to things that matter more in life than just achieving what others call “success”. To not try fitting square pegs in round holes. For we need to understand, that with changing times, we need to change as well. Change to preserve our existence. Change, to allow “Time” to work wonders. I know, none of us have till eternity and time is too precious a commodity. Why not use it wisely then!



About wandering mind

A dreamer at heart, and a communication professional by chance!
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