Lucky that I was caned when I was a kid

I remember a conversation with a roomie of mine when I was in my graduation college and it all started with ‘mere mummy papa ne mujhe kabhi bi maara ya daanta nai’ . Seriously?? I bluntly said……So you don’t actually know the love behind it and the fun in getting caned or yelled when you look back at your childhood. You are not aware of the fear that drives you numb when you do a mistake and the fear of being yelled at or getting a beated……’s just such a waste !!

Well I am not sure how many of you would agree with me on this…but I am sure that my parents’ scolding me at times has made me a better person in life. For it at- least makes you ready for the world beyond your immediate family. More so, when you step into a world that is devoid of our parents protection ……where someone is not interested in knowing if you were ever scolded or caned at home for your errors and would definitely not treat you differently from the crowd.

Ah…now say that you would never be a part of the crowd. For this…….I ask you…You would drop out of school? College? Or no works after you’ve managed to skip the school or college part. Believe it or not, all of us are a part of crowd at some point of life.

Why am I sitting brooding over it today? Coz It’s a learning that hit me like a thunderbolt today morning. Well……I know life teaches people everything with time but what about the people who have not been taught to listen to others……forget a few insults (at least temporarily say, something like false allegation) and try and improve on areas that really need attention for our personal growth and NOT end up in an asylum or hell at an age where you should be happily enjoying the best years of your life.

Dear friend……..may your soul rest in peace!


About wandering mind

A dreamer at heart, and a communication professional by chance!
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