Digital media write up


Digital world is the new reality of today’s generation where, with evolving technology and changing consumer behavior, people are shifting from the real world to the digital world and the same trend offers tremendous opportunity of growth for both the marketers as well as consumers even though the differences between the two are diminishing with every passing day in the digital world.

The digital medium is evolving very fast and the popularity of the same can also be credited to the fact that the measurability of digital platform is quantifiable and more targeted audience can be reached via this medium owing to least loss in the advertising/marketing process which none of the other marketing platform promises (be it outdoors, print, television or radio).

With the rise in the use of the digital medium with increase in internet and mobile users in India, it’s already set to be the future of the next generation advertising with its promises of better and  more targeted reach and less wastage for all which reminds me how useful a tool Google analytics has proved to  be in driving the revolution to come, by giving free insights on user traffic , on insights on how many people actually respond  to the ads by opening the page(impressions), how many clicked through it to visit another page (CTR), how many spent how much time on the content, whether they moved on to sign up or register for the ad in question or how many just left it after encountering the same. Also,  the geography of the person logged in, their demographics and many more can be tracked on digital medium .The best part is that we can track the same for our competitors as well and thus redesign our marketing program if needed.

People on social media sites(again digital) is another example of the power of digital means lending in  ears, eyes and a voice to every individual who would have kept mum and had allowed things go the way they are before thus indicating that the market is going to change for the better of the consumers if used decisively.

The future of the digital medium is thus set to increase with the freedom of use and the insight that it provides along with the increase in the number of educated people and internet penetration in India and thus bring the world closer with the same by reducing the geographical boundaries. It’s also set to increase the marketers’ challenges with increasingly leveled players from all across the world to attract consumers’ attention in better ways and go beyond spams and pop ups and pop -unders and engage it’s customers via increasingly new ideas with each passing day like we see in present games like Zapak  as  innovation is the only key to its further success over other traditional brands as the disadvantage they have over Digital medium is their adaptability to change.

So, let’s see if digital world could woo over more people in coming future by capitalizing on it’s strength.



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