Why Play????

Slogging all day and burning midnight, fighting over half a mark with the teachers and students alike, spending the whole day thinking of which is the next test for which I should start earlier than my peers to make sure my 1st rank in school is not taken over by someone else and that I am always ahead of others, I look back at my childhood and wonder, how many more people have learn the lessons in life the hard way.

Realisation, that the peers whom I thought were aliens who enjoyed their studies and play alike were actually not dumb but smarter than me. They played when they should have and studied when needed.

While I was busy cramming my lessons in my head, they were learning tough lessons of life and getting prepared for a battle that needed preparation at the early ages .

Because my focus never shifted from academics, I learnt everything the hard way. The lesson that playing teaches us. Playing in teams.

Team- spirit! That was my first nightmare when I joined workplace for I was always of the opinion no one can better than me and I am all capable. I failed to understand in the beginning that different people have different skills and  a team is a combination of such varied geniuses.

It takes heart of stone to admit that someone is better than you in some aspects if you are the best in some.Today, I understand why in my sports team, the spirit of camaraderie was best and why workplace is no different from a playground where you learn skills like mental & physical endurance, importance of role where each one has to be together like symphony & one member can impact the others.

The realization of how important everyone is and how each is an inseparable part of the strategy.

You also learn dealing with people. You understand which one needs to be yelled at, which one to be patted on back and  which on to be left alone at what time to perform their best.

Discipline, time management, perseverance, risk- taking and dealing with failures comes as a by-product of the fun activity in your childhood which is a pain to learn while you are a grown up . This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


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A dreamer at heart, and a communication professional by chance!
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