Enjoy the #Present

Life has its own ways of finding solutions.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Like you have spent days breaking your head over issues and nothing has popped up in your tiny brain to make things right. Days of helplessness and cribbing and one fine day you suddenly realise things have fallen into place by just keeping yourself sane enough to hold on the fight just a little bit longer and enjoying your present.

So, there we go!! The success mantra is engraved in the last sentence. If you treat each day as a surprise gift you might like or maybe not on some of the days; the excitement of unwrapping the parcel will always be there. And with each passing day, you still would have hope of a better one the next day.


For the present is called “present” for a reason. It is supposed to be God’s gift to you to make the most of your life and enjoy ‘His’ love.

Often, we don’t have control on the outcomes even though we have made best efforts to always succeed. Let’s see the failure as a means to an end and not an end; for great people in history are proof of the fact that setbacks don’t stall your future from being brighter. Be it Abraham Lincoln in the bygone era or someone like our own ‘Mayuri’ Sudha Chandran. But yes, it takes a lot of grit to keep yourself on the right track when things around you are going wrong.But whosoever said that ‘Life’ is going to be a bed of roses? It is supposed to be a bouquet with flowers and thorns.

Let’s work on strengthening our foundations today before aspiring for a strong building in the future.



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Top 3 things I hate to see on Facebook

Each one of us have had irritating moments while checking our FB walls. I hope  I am not the only one who feels so. Let Us check it out. Do let me know if you agree with these top 3 reasons I hate FBians for.

1. Super PDA (Public Display of Affection)

Ok, I get it that you want to portray that you are one of the most loved creature on earth and the rest don’t have a “Life”.But please spare the poor souls. They would appreciate you more if you show your “Super PDA” behind closed doors for not everyone is interested in “free shows” available abundantly.

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2. Narcissism

Self love is ‘awesome’ but please don’t make it an “Awe” for “Some” of us.Obsession with oneself is what is difficult to handle.

images (6)

3. Game requests

Irritating game requests!! It drives you crazy enough to ‘crack open’ the head of the ‘nut’ who had sent you this request. Please follow the rule “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”.

Hope people on my friend list stop bugging me with the above three things after this.What is your list of irritating things on Facebook. Share it here!

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Food and Love

There’s an old hindi saying: “Khane ke liye mat jiyo, jeene ke liye khaao” which means “eat to live and not live to eat.” But for all the people out there, who claim to be food lovers, I am sure that the above sentence needs to be swapped. For they survive, because they love food and want to enjoy more gourmet delicacies with each coming day.  For foodies find solace in food and the love for food is something only a “food lover” will understand. And that “there is no lover sincerer than the love of food” as the great writer George Bernard Shaw had once said.

I personally classify these food lovers into two types. One, who eats only a certain set of food and swears by it. All that is needed for them is a perfect match of spices and timing while being cooked to end up with a specific type of taste, that; which one is used to eating always. Or else, the mismatch could result in disasters. And then there’s this second type, who believes in experimenting with new things. I love the second kinds, as this one has an appetite for a lot of risks and is open to culinary experiences that promise gastronomic rides. One of a kind, this type of food lover will generally be very experimental in their cooking too.

A food lover will forgive innumerable faults of yours if you know the right mix to play with. Reason being; the comfort and warmth food offers, can only second human love. And that is why precisely I think, most people gorge on food to fill the void created by loss of human love in their lives. Ask a chicken Lover (eater) how many times in a week can they have it and they’ll always answer, whenever (leaving exceptions). Ask them what is the best time to eat it and they’ll mostly say, “now”. So, there is no right time or place for this. Just when you like!!

When your 5 senses interact overwhelmingly to bring the best that is served while you treat your food with love and respect; that food truly feeds your soul too. Have you experienced a food orgasm after being seduced by the sight of your dish, exotic smell of your food, the crackling or sizzling cooing sound of your recipe, the gooey feeling when you touch it and at the top of it all,  the melting  taste of it in your mouth? If you understand the above expressions, I am sure you will understand what I am talking about here.

It is a sad reality that people today are so stuck up in their daily lives that I am sure only a handful does regularly pay that much sensory attention to their food. Most of us eat with our eyes glued on a screen and our hand mechanically reaching our mouth. Before we have the time to decode what went into making that awesome meal, our food is over and we are up and running for other errands in life. But as someone rightly said, “Eating is a natural way to feel happy” and all the work we do is on a quest for happiness. So, does it not make sense to eat properly to start with on our happiness mission? Let’s start today. What say?

22nd June

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Great Expectations….


We are born and our parents nurture us with expectations that one day, we’ll turn up to be a soul who’ll make them proud and happy. We start growing and nurture the dreams our parents saw and align ourselves to achieve relevant goals or even if we have made up a new dream, we start working towards it in our own way. Like trying to be the best in academics, art, sports etc depending on what we feel is more important for our future to be bright.

We have expectations from ourselves where we see ourselves worthy of certain things, benchmark ourselves with the best in our friend circle/school/college or any other circle that is relevant and keep trying to improve. This forms the base of our learning and our appetite for competition. And then, we reach college.

Here, we start developing perspectives in life. Our “own” ones! By now, most of us have stopped blindly following our parents viewpoints and have started experimenting more with our life. As a result, we end up making new choices or accepting old ones whole heartedly as we have tested them over time. Now, is the time when the expectations we want to fulfil start shaping up our entire career and life path. We try, work, accept or reject a theory and then embrace it as an experience. But still, neither ours’ nor our parents’ expectations end up here but increase with passing time. We chalk our path in life depending on the priority we give to a person at that point of time and try to live up to their expectations.

It is therefore, very important that we don’t lose out on our own dreams living up to others expectations. For, we’d never end up being truly happy if we have compromised our dreams. And expectations don’t have an end. So, lest we end up facing a mid life crisis after we realise that we needed to go some other way and before we are tired enough to take up anything challenging.

It is therefore great to live up to everyone’s expectations but it’s better that if we align their expectations with our dreams to chase a common goal at the end of the day and not end up on two boats with one foot on each. For, you are sure to fall in such scenario.

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I can do without: Lessons from a one-legged crow

Amazingly inspiring 🙂 Thank You @Lemmony Things

all our lemmony things

Mother nature can be a funny thing.

I don’t think it means to be smart or inspiring, even though it often is.

I mean, think about it.

The sun doesn’t set out each day to look absolutely breathtaking and I don’t think the mountains realize they’re being painted and hung in living rooms. Rivers don’t mean to be calming and the clouds don’t mean to form shapes. They simply obey the commands of time and of motion and of the hand of God, not pausing for a second or considering what it means.

And it’s inspiring somehow.

Today it wasn’t anything very beautiful that got me thinking–actually, it could be considered anything but. It was a one-legged crow.


I was sitting at a traffic light on my way to work this morning with my window rolled down, thankful that the mornings are beginning to grow warmer. My thoughts were wandering when I spotted…

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5 elements of nature

5 elements of nature

water, earth, sun, air, space

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The joy of face to face #meeting

In this world where we are moving to #socializing only on a virtual level, we are seemingly forgetting the joy of face to face meetings. The joy of looking at that person we are talking to and “not guessing” the image in mind. You would say we can see a persons’ picture or video but you can’t read the natural expressions or body language unless you are present in the moment. A video call cannot replace a face to face meeting here.

If that could happen why would people still want to go home who have been staying away or abroad. Why would they yearn for a touch of loved ones or a sight of their sweetheart. Why do most long distance relationship end up on a sad note saying they have lost on feelings? Hope this much example suffices to prove this statement or do you really still believe that it’s just not the feel and touch factor of the real meeting but something else?
With our technology advancing to an extent where it promises people around to banish our loneliness with numerous social networking sites today, have we really bridged the gap with our well wishers or actually created a virtual wall of aloofness? How many of your social media contact are sure to come and take you to a hospital lest you fall sick incidentally in a city you are staying alone in an apartment. Doesn’t the probability of you reaching the hospital increases if you frequently mingle with your neighbours (assuming you stay with humans that is! ).
My point here is, why kill away such a brilliant social custom when you can enjoy as well as benefit apart from being connected on a human level via a face to face meeting. You can hear the waves in a persons’ voice, the glitter in your friends eyes, read between a mock or a praise looking at your colleagues expression, differentiate between a praise and a flattery in your work group and many more. The instances of you zoning out while the other is speaking is also negligible if not zero. Have you not heard of meetings where people hardly listen to a meeting on their systems at many places when they take a call on a technology enabled device? Isn’t the level of attention not more when you attend meetings personally?
Now we will say who’s got the time for it. Look at the figures of your own social network usage. Chances are you are using it more than two hours a day. Here, I am only talking about a quick cup of coffee that hardly takes few minutes. And if you have more time, go on…. Who is there to stop you if the conversation turns to be fruitful emotionally or otherwise?
Enough blabbering, I personally am a firm believer in face to face conversations over a virtual meeting. So, how about a cup of coffee some time?

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